11 mai 2013


 -It is so incredible to be here. Yes. Our first time in Paris. For our wedding. Yes it is our wedding. And you too?  Here for your wedding anniversary. So great. Congratulations! Anniversary! So nice that bridge for lovers, and Paris, I feel so happy,  that Pont des Arts. So romantic! Just like Woody Allen bridge. It is the most wonderful mariage i have never had !
 -Deborah, please, stop chattering, we have to make that picture. Hold on one second. Take the padlock, and look at me for one minute.
-Oh Tom, it is so wonderful to be here. Mariage on the Pont des Arts, in Paris. Look, they come  from Boston, and they are also on their first journey in Paris, first time on the bridge of Arts, for their wedding anniversary. Incredible, no? I feel so happy, Tom. We shall come again, Tom.

mariage sur le Pont des Arts wedding bridge of love